A voiceover industry veteran, Artt Butler has been around since 1991, when auditions were recorded on reel-to-reel and submitted by cassette via FedEx! Starting the journey as the lead booth director at one of L.A.'s top voiceover agencies, he quickly became a talent favorite to be directed by for he spoke "actor" quite well and was able to quickly give concise, insightful, in-depth direction without making voice actors crazy, helping them leave the booth feeling good about themselves, feeling like they'd accomplished something, and most importantly, booking work.

Not being a "Hey, look at me!!" type of person he never really had an interest in performing voiceover. But, after 15 years of directing and coaching the some of the best (and worst) talent in town, he decided maybe it might be time to give it a try himself. Taking all that had been learned from the seasoned veterans he had directed over the years, he's parlayed that into a very successful career on the other side of the glass in the world of commercials and animation.

So, in 2009 soon after voicing the McDonald's/Avatar campaign, he became the national legal tag voice of Chrysler television and radio commercials. You can also hear him as a Jack Bauer-esqe anti-terrorism specialist Agent Jack Flowers on the season 3 finale of the hit Adult Swim show The Boondocks. In 2011, a childhood dream of his came true after being welcomed into the Star Wars family playing everyone's favorite space-fish, the iconic Captain Ackbar. He will now have to utter the phrase "It's a TRAP!" for the rest of his life, for as it turns out, it is indeed a trap. He wouldn't have it any other way. Good times.